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Chokhani International Limited (CIL) was incorporated in 1980 and was promoted by Late Shri Bajranglal Ji Chokhani. The main business of CIL has been operation of ship repairs, ship building industry including shipyards, operation of dry dock, other related facilities etc. Technology together with expert Management systems provided by Keppel Corporation Singapore made CIL a leading name in ship repair. The IPO came in 1989 and Right Issue was launched in 1990.


Shri Jagdish Chokhani (Chairman & Managing Director)
Shri Aditya Tulshan (Director Independent)
Smt. Lakshmi Devi Chokhani (Director Independent)
Smt. Rekha Suresh Goenka (Non Executive Woman Director)

Audit Committee:-

Shri Aditya Tulshan (Chairman)
Smt. Lakshmi Devi Chokhani (Member)
Shri Jagdish Chokhani (Member)

Nomination and Remuneration Committee:-

Mr. Aditya Tulshan (Chairperson)
Mrs. Lakshmi Devi Chokhani (Member)
Mrs. Rekha Suresh Goenka (Member)

Stakeholder’s Relationship Committee:-

Mr. Aditya Tulshan (Chairperson)
Mrs. Lakshmi Devi Chokhani (Member)
Mr. Jagdish Prasad Chokhani (Member )

Operational Decision Making Committee

Mr. Jagdish Prasad Chokhani (Chairperson)
Mr. Aditya Tulshan (Member)
Mrs. Lakshmi Devi Chokhani (Member)


B.K Shroff & Co.
Chartered Accountants
New Delhi


Indian Bank

Corporate Governanace

Compliance with Corporate Governance
Company is well complying with the Corporate Governance as stipulated in Listing Agreement by the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited.

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